Summer Event Trends

The end of August is always a great time of year, with the bank holiday to look forward to and that ‘fresh start’ feeling. For us, September is looking as packed full of events as July and August were – and it seems sunnier than both put together.

As we come to the end of the summer, it’s always good to take a look at key trends that have emerged to give you inspiration for your next event. Maybe as a reaction to last year’s ‘wedding overload’, we are seeing 2023 as the year to break the mould. From bright colours to unique ceremonies, the event season has had a bit of a shake up, featuring seriously fun trends that look set to carry on.

Here’s our guide to the event trends you should get ahead of:

Vibrant Colours

Pared down and laidback have made way for bold and bright, with vibrant colours and textures taking centre stage. By incorporating coloured glassware and block-coloured napkins, you can add a modern twist to our classic afternoon tea range. Why have two colours when you can have 5? Having a rainbow pallet creates more opportunities for playful floral arrangements. If the sun shining isn’t a guarantee, why not include joyful bursts of colour on your tablescape to invite the sunshine in!

Outdoor Events

Versatility was the name of the game this year – with unpredictable weather, and a summer that has felt more like autumn it’s been hard to predict. Despite this and in true British style, outdoor weddings and outdoor events have reigned supreme. With so many beautiful settings right on our doorstep, it’s easy to see why. For wedding venues, this summer’s new favourite (overtaking beaches and woodlands) was the humble meadow.

At Abbotts, we pride ourselves on versatility, and no matter the wildness of your event or the remoteness of the location, we reckon we can get the whole kitchen there!


Gold! Gold accents have been a sustained trend over the last few years and you can see why – it compliments everything! There are so many ways to introduce gold into your tables and decorations, from subtle elements to all-out glitz. Gold always adds a sprinkle of something special to an event. You could pair our muted Storm crockery collection with the warm gold cutlery to really elevate a table – the perfect blend of personal and luxurious.


Incorporating the natural world into a table arrangement is a lovely touch. Not only does greenery transform the plain into the mystical but it’s also a more cost-friendly option. Using timeless silver cutlery and cream crockery can make your greenery or dried floral blooms stand out even more. There are so many ways that you can incorporate greenery into your event design for some simple, stylish, and fresh elegance.

So, if you are planning your biggest event of the year, you have everything you need to make it really stand out. Have a look through our catalogue and get ahead by placing your orders for 2024!