You deserve a truly special wedding day. Here at Abbotts Event Hire we can do anything you need to help make your day perfect, be it offering guidance on which products would best match your idyllic vision for the big day, or simply sitting back and providing the items you pick out. Whether we have the perfectly shaped champagne flute you’ve been searching for, or you need every table and chair for your reception supplying on short notice, our catalogue is flexible enough to cater to every order.

With a variety of styles, from chic elegance to contemporary, modern innovations, there’s no vision we can’t deliver. Tablecloths in a variety of rich colours, serving-ware suited to any menu, and furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a fairytale – rest easy knowing all your Abbotts products are on their way as one hassle-free delivery. Renting our products only takes a few minutes, and can even be returned dirty on the day, so why not save yourself months of stress?!

Abbotts Events Hire are the bee’s knees

Jenny Wren

Wedding and Event Planner

 Making it Simpler

No matter how big your order, be it cutlery for 100 people or an emergency set of knives for your kitchen, simply stack the items (regardless of how dirty they are!) back into the crates they came in for us to collect them from you. We’ll take it from there. 

 Hire that Works for You

For your convenience we offer two hire lengths – 3 day and 7 day.

So whether you need everything delivered well in advance to give you time to prep, or you just need it dropped off the day before, we’ve got you covered!


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