Emergency Hire

We’re all too familiar with the fact that anything can go wrong in this industry, so we pride ourselves in being there for you when disaster strikes. Covering everything from a misplaced set of knives to a literal kitchen fire – we’ve got you covered on any scale. With an extensive supply of products ready to be deployed waiting in our warehouse, and a team of delivery drivers ready to get them to you across the county, we’re able to deliver on large requests at short notice.

The perfect calming influence in even the most stressful times, a member of our team is always just a phone call away. We have helplines for both in and out of office hours, as we know emergencies can happen at any time, but you need to keep trading nonethless. Even if what you’re looking for isn’t currently in our catalogue, we’ll know where to find it – consider us your very own guardian angels!

The emergency hire service literally saved my bacon!


Chef at Great Western Hotel

 Making it Simpler

The products we supply are always ready for use upon delivery – literally clean enough to eat off! But we know they rarely stay that way, and that the thought of washing up after your event can often be more stressful than organising it in the first place. So, included as part of our service, we offer to relieve you of this hardship completely.

 Hire that Works for You

Whether you order your hire equipment a year in advance, or have to call us at the last minute, your hire period remains the same.

You have the choice of 3 day or 7 day hire (or longer upon request), so pick the hire length that fits your needs.


Popular Emergency Hires