Abbotts 3/7 Day Hire

Here at Abbotts Event Hire, we understand how hard it can be to co-ordinate any event. With so many plates spinning (not literally of course, our crockery is much easier to eat off when it’s beautifully arranged next to one of our cutlery ranges), it’s easy to lose track of delivery and collection times. There’s no worse panic than sorting through a dozen different deliveries on the day of your event!

So, in order to make things as convenient for our customers as possible, any piece of equipment hired from the Abbotts extensive range is available at a rate of either 3 or 7 days. Whether it’s an emergency non-stick frying pan for the kitchen or enough Contemporary Limewash Chiavari Chairs to seat an entire wedding reception – they can be yours for an entire week, with the seventh day free!

In practical terms, this means your Abbotts order can arrive well before your event is due to begin, and be collected long after you’ve finished having the night(s!) of your life. Basically, we want to give you the breathing room and peace of mind to fully immerse yourself in your event – free from any distractions and worries about setting up in time, or hurried demands for getting things back to us.

Of course, the range of equipment available for hire from our catalogue means you can cater for the majority of your event in one easy delivery; convenient, efficient, easy! Couple this with our return dirty service, and you’ve got the ultimate hassle-free service. Simply gather the equipment together and allow Abbotts to take it from there.

We’re extremely proud to be depended upon not only for the quality of our equipment, but the reliability of our service: “What you can count on with Abbotts is if you’ve ordered something, you know it’s going to be there. I’ve never had a problem with the reliability.” – Head Chef, The Great Western Hotel. You can depend on us to deliver (and pick up!).

Abbotts Event Hire have got you covered.