Return Dirty Service

One of the services we’re most proud of here at Abbotts Event Hire is our ‘Return Dirty’ scheme – but what exactly is it?

Well, of course, the products we supply are always ready for use upon delivery – literally clean enough to eat off! But we know they rarely stay that way, and that the thought of washing up after your event can often be more stressful than organising it in the first place. So, included as part of our service, we offer to relieve you of this hardship completely.

No matter how big your order, be it cutlery for 100 people or an emergency set of knives for your kitchen, simply stack the items (regardless of how dirty they are!) back into the crates they came in for us to collect them from you. We’ll take it from here. All the way back to our warehouse for a thorough cleaning and preparation for the next order, to be precise.

This means you can focus on the really important parts of your event: being attentive to guests, making the perfect first impression and, above all, enjoying yourself! Lifting a weight from both your workload and your mind, it’s no surprise that our customers are big fans of the service!

“ the day after the wedding, when I’m back there doing all the cleanup, it’s lovely to just be able to stick all the tablecloths in a bag, all the glasses in the crates dirty, and the plates ready for them to pick up the next day. It’s the last thing couples want to be thinking about the day after their wedding, so it makes my job much easier - I absolutely love working with them!” - Jenny Wren

So, whether you’re holding a festival in the middle of nowhere, a super important corporate meeting, or the wedding of the decade – rest easy in the knowledge that you’re covered as part of Abbott’s Return Dirty service.