Luxury Toilets vs Portable Toilets: What’s the Difference?

Portable toilets are a regular feature of any outdoor event, but are almost always the most dreaded – usually conjuring up thoughts of waiting in long lines to have your turn in cramped, unhygienic boxes. This is hardly the way you want to be spending the best days of your year, or even the most important ones of your life; but don’t worry, here at Abbotts Event Hire we have the answer…

Take your outdoor event to the next level with our line of Luxury Toilets, available for hire now. These spacious cabins come fully fitted with all the modern comforts, from large mirrors and wooden flooring, to lavish sinks, basins and urinals – which all combine to create an inviting, stylish interior that will impress your guests and make your night all the more memorable.

Additionally, compared to an everyday portable toilet, our Luxury Toilets are much more hygienic than their unremarkable counterparts. With facilities that are easy to maintain and comfortable to occupy, the cabins are fully prepared and delivered by Abbotts staff in premium condition, ready to be deployed at your event wherever you decide to place them.

Treat yourself and your guests to comfort of use and peace of mind, as they continue to enjoy their night without a looming fear of having to use the facilities. You can’t put a price on making your guests feel at ease, but luckily Abbotts’ Luxury Toilet range is available at cheap prices that wont flush your entire budget away!

Having quality, spacious, clean, inviting and affordable facilities at your event doesn’t mean you’re limited in where you can hold your event either. Our range of Luxury Toilets are purpose built to deliver quality facilities to remote locations, bringing the functionality and elegance of indoor bathrooms wherever you may need it. Attaching as a trailer to Abbotts’ fleet vehicles, our Luxury Toilets have already made their way across the South West to some of the most stunning venues.

So, stop yourself worrying about the difficulties of holding outdoor events, keep calm and call Abbotts! No matter whether you’re holding the wedding to end all weddings, the biggest birthday bash of your life, a concert for the masses, a party that will last throughout the night, or just a barbecue in the summer sun – our cabins deliver unrivalled quality and take the stress out of outdoor events.

Our range of Luxury Toilets are available to hire for either 3 or 7 day periods, see more images, prices and additional information here  discover for yourself why our Luxury Toilets are way above bog standard!