A white Renault van with the Abbott's brand name on the front, accompanied by two cream coloured tipi style tents.

Summer Season Updates

The 2023 event season has been full of ups and downs and unpredictable weather forecasts. Fortunately, the stormy skies haven’t dampened all of the fun! This summer is proving to be busier than ever for us – and the momentum looks to be continuing for the rest of the summer and into early autumn.

The summer so far:

In June we celebrated our busiest weekend ever with some really beautiful events and a special highlight at the mighty Glastonbury festival!

This year we were very proud to be back at Glastonbury to supply three VIP areas within the festival site. It is always a brilliant experience to be involved in such an iconic and expertly executed event. This year we supplied a VIP area for the artists and two full kitchen and restaurant setups for glamping sites.

Being a part of such a huge event is always exhilarating and the atmosphere at setup this year was one of excited anticipation. For those lucky enough to have tickets, the main talk was about who they were most excited to see, and for members of the team who have never been before the most common phrase to hear was “Wow it’s just so big”. Naturally, there was a lot of excitement around the team as we unpacked furniture, kitchen units, cutlery and crockery. Would Elton John be eating his dinner off this plate?

Two Abbotts employees leaning on a wooden fence on top of a hill, while glaring across a large event space featuring numerous large tents.

Being involved with such an iconic event is equal parts exciting and challenging (especially as it turned out to be our busiest weekend to date) but, it was a challenge we were happy to step up to. We’ve been working with our partners for many years and this relationship continues to grow from strength to strength.

So there you have it! A whirlwind of a season so far, with many more events to come. A shout out to our amazing team of advisors who have been constantly on hand to fulfil orders and to help with last-minute changes, and also to our ever-helpful drivers who have been delivering all over the South West.

Cheers to many more amazing events in 2023!

Two Abbott's employees walking in a field with two vehicles visible to their left and a large marquee with wooden steps in the background.
Six male Abbotts event staff arranging equipment within a long marquee tent, performing a range of tasks and in conversation with one another.
Three male Abbott's employees stood behind a parked moving van with an open back door, with the person to the front right pointing at something out of image.