Introducing our Customer Account Portal!

Here at Abbotts Event Hire, we’re committed to taking our service to the next level.

One of the most rewarding things about our industry is seeing happy customers return and book more and more events with us over the course of what often turns into years… So, we’ve made this process as easy as possible! 

You can now create an online account on the Abbotts website – allowing you to view your recent orders, save your favourite addresses and copy orders you’ve placed in the past to either tweak to perfection or place again to recreate the magic!

By having all this information to hand, we’re able to streamline your experience with Abbotts. Cut down on the time it takes to place your order with us, or recreate your past orders in just a few clicks. 

This also makes it easier for our team to get in touch when managing your order, across developing your event alongside you and delivery or collection on the day itself – everything is easier with an account. 

So, whether you’re one of our trusted wedding planner caterers, have put together an unforgettable night with us just once or twice before, or are hiring from us for the very first time – create your account with Abbotts Event Hire experience today for the best results!

We can’t wait to put together even more unforgettable events with you!

The Abbotts Event Hire team