The urn should be located on a flat level surface and should not be positioned closer than 100mm from combustible surfaces. A minimum clearance of 300mm is required from a shelf or ceiling.


Ensure that the gas cylinder is not placed in contact or underneath the Boiler. The hose should be routed away from the Boiler without touching any hot surfaces. Ensure the cylinder is placed on a firm and level surface and that the hose is neither stretched nor twisted when connected. The cylinder must also be located to give good access to connect and disconnect the regulator, or to turn off in an emergency.
The gas connection is made using flexible hose (8mm I.D.)  The gas bottle, or isolation tap, must be located close to the urn so that it is possible to turn on the gas and light the urn safely. Turn on the gas and check the installation for soundness.


• To avoid being scalded when the urn is operating or has just been switched off keep hands away from any steam from the lid.
• The urn should not be carried whilst it contains water, particularly hot or boiling water.
• This appliance is intended for professional use only by qualified people.
• Before using this appliance ensure the room is well ventilated and a window is available to open.
• In the event of a suspected gas leak immediately turn off the gas supply. Do not search for a leak with a match or naked flame.
• The boiler is not suitable for boiling liquids other than water. If the water is being boiled for tea or coffee, it is best to prepare the drink in another container.
• If the burner fails to remain alight, wait 3 minutes before attempting to re-light.
• A full capacity 20 litre boiler filled to the max line will take approximately 45-50 minutes to boil from cold on the high setting.
• Do not fill above the ‘MAX’ capacity mark.
• Warning: If the urn is over filled there is a risk that boiling water may be ejected.

Lighting the boiler
Standard urn:
1. Turn on the gas supply at the bottle or service tap.
2. Apply lighted match or taper to the flash tube ‘light here’. Depress the button on the flame supervision device.
3. After the burner has lit continue to depress the flame supervision device for 20 seconds until the flame is established.

Deluxe urn:
1. Depress the control knob and turn slowly to the ignition position. A click will be heard and the burner will light. Several attempts may be necessary after initial installation.
2. Continue to depress the control knob for 20 seconds after the burner has lit.
3. Release the control knob. The required setting can now be selected between the high and low settings.




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