This Tasty Trotter oven is designed for use outdoors, in a well-ventilated area, away from any flammable materials. It is important that there are no overhead obstructions and that there is a minimum distance of 1m from the sides and rear of the appliance. It is important that the ventilation openings of the appliance are not obstructed. The oven must be used on a level, stable surface.

WARNING: Hazardous fire or explosion may result if instructions are ignored It is the consumer’s responsibility to see that the oven is properly assembled, installed, and taken care of. Failure to
follow instructions in this manual could result in bodily injury and/or property damage.


Ensure that the gas cylinder is not placed in contact or underneath the Hog Roaster. The hose should be routed away from the barbecue without touching any hot surfaces. Ensure the cylinder is placed on a firm and level surface and that the hose is neither stretched nor twisted when connected. The cylinder must also be located to give good access to connect and disconnect the regulator, or to turn off in an emergency.


Check that the hose is completely over the nozzle on the regulator and the nozzle on the Hog Roaster and that it is secured firmly. The hose may be secured by a continuous circular hose clip or by the metal swaging process we use at our factory. ‘Jubilee’ clips must NOT be used as they don’t impart a perfectly circular pressure and can even push a section of hose away from contact with the nozzle. Remove the protective plastic plug from the cylinder outlet and save for replacement into the cylinder when empty.


Use the spanner provided to tighten the regulator to the propane cylinder in an ANTICLOCKWISE direction when viewed from the hose connection.



The oven must be used in a well ventilated area. Do not obstruct the flow of combustion air to the burner when the oven is in use. ONLY USE THIS OVEN OUTDOORS.

Lighting Instructions for the Oven
1. Open the lid of the oven before attempting to light the burners and remove the 4 stainless steel trays.
2. Turn all the control knobs clockwise to the “OFF” position.
3. Connect the regulator to the gas bottle. Turn the gas supply “ON” at the regulator. Check with the use of soapy water for any gas leakage between the bottle and the regulator.
4. On one of the two burners, push in the control knob and turn it anti-clockwise to the “HIGH” position, at the same time hold in the ignition button (a clicking sound will be heard) this will light the pilot and the burner. Keep pressing in the knob for a further 15 seconds and observe if the burner has lit. If not, repeat this process. Once lit, repeat this process for the second burner.
5. If the burner has not lit after retrying, wait 5 minutes and repeat step 4.
6. Adjust the heat by turning the knob between the “High/Low” positions.
7. If the burner does not light with the ignition spark it can be lit manually with a long reach lighter from inside the oven. Consult your GAS SAFE service engineer to rectify the ignition issue.
8. To turn a burner off, turn the control knob clockwise to the “OFF” position. If you wish to turn all of the oven off, turn the cylinder valve or regulator switch to the “OFF” position and then turn the control knob on the appliance clockwise to the “OFF” position on both burners. This will burn off any remaining gas in pipes so it can be stored safely.

1. Turn off gas supply at bottle.
2. Extinguish all naked flames; do not operate any electrical appliances.
3. Ventilate the area.
4. Check for leaks as detailed in this manual.
5. If odour persists, contact your dealer or GAS SAFE service engineer immediately.

1. Leak test all connections after each gas bottle refill.
2. Never check for leaks with a match or open flame.
3. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapours and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other gas appliance.
4. Do not store any gas cylinder not connected in the vicinity of this or any other gas appliance. Before cooking for the first time, operate the oven for about 15 minutes with the lid closed and the gas turned on HIGH. This will “heat clean” the internal parts and dissipate odour from the painted finish.



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